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agPASS Help

agPASS Site

Access your custom farm GIS from any computer or mobile device (data connection required).


Get Started

  1. Open a browser (Firefox, Chrome and Edge are preferred, Internet Explorer is NOT supported) to and select your company from the Log In page.

  2. When prompted, enter your assigned email and password (check "Remember Me").

  3. Your agPASS site should now open.


Best Practices

  • Save time by checking "remember me" when signing in so you don't have to sign in every time you access the site.

  • Save time by adding a shortcut icon to your homescreen by choosing Add to Homescreen (mobile only) or bookmark the page.



  • For sign-in trouble, please refer to the agPASS log-in card issued to you. Ensure you have entered the full email address for your username (example: ""). If you have more than one Gmail account, ensure you are using the correct Gmail username (the one assigned to your agPASS system by Anderson Geographics).


Mobile Field Maps App

View mobile maps (with GPS location) using the ArcGIS Field Maps app (data connection required).

The Explorer app is no longer supported as of 2022.

WARNING: Always confirm the correct identity of a field using signage. 

Your GPS location or the map information might sometimes be inaccurate/outdated.


Get Started

  1. Install the free ArcGIS Field Maps app on your device. Download here for:   Apple   Android

  2. From that device, open your agPASS Web Maps page and select a mobile map to open (this will take you from your browser to ArcGIS Field Maps app (data connection required).

  3. Click "Skip sign in" unless your administrator has provided you with an ArcGIS login. Your map should open.


Best Practices

  • Regularly Refresh Map to get the latest information (including recent scouting reports). Do this by forcing the app closed and re-opening. Apple: Double-click the Home button, swipe up on the app window to close, then re-open the app. Android: Hold down the Home buton, swipe left on the app window to force close, then re-open the app.

  • Areas without a Data Connection. Viewing maps requires a data connection. However, in areas without a data signal, you could still be able to view your GPS location and most of the map’s contents as long as you load the map before losing connection (basemaps can still be viewed to the extent they were viewed before losing the signal). If you suspect you will soon enter an area where you could lose connection, load the desired map, then quickly pan and zoom in and out of the area of interest to ensure you can view it after losing connection.



  • For most users, no sign in is required. "Skip sign in" if prompted to sign in.

  • If your map will not load (and you have a data connection), re-open the map from your agPASS Web Maps page. Map links may change periodically and the agPASS Web Maps page will always have the latest/correct links.

  • If the map appears to be missing information (including recent scouting reports), force close the app and re-open (see instructions above). This is good practice to do regularly.

Mobile Scouting App

Collect and submit info to your agPASS with the iForm app. No data connection is required to collect information, but a connection is required to sync (submit your collected info and receive any changes).


Get Started

  1. Install the free iForm app. Download here for:   Apple   Android

  2. Contact Anderson Geographics to configure the app settings and sign in.


Best Practices

  • To Sync Successfully:

  1. Confirm you have a good data connection and are not driving/moving.

  2. Start the sync process but DO NOT close the iForm app or answer a phone call until it has finished,

  3. Confirm your sync was successful. If not, try again until you get the "Successful" message, or wait until you have a reliable data connection.

  • Sync before starting your work day and possibly losing a data connection.

For More Help

Contact us for more assistance.



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