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Will Anderson, MA

Will Anderson is a native of Hermiston, OR. He earned a Bachelor's from Washington State University in 2000 (Summa cum laude), a Master’s in Education from the University of New England (Australia) in 2004, and a Master’s in Geography from San Diego State University in 2009, where he was a research and teaching assistant in the Department of Geography and was fortunate enough to work on research projects focused on hydrology, conservation, and land management in Mexico and Ecuador. Following graduation, he continued work in Ecuador providing GIS and aerial remote sensing support to two agricultural/land-management watershed conservation projects. He then spent three years in San Diego providing GIS support and GIS program management for a non-profit organization dedicated to watershed conservation in San Diego County.

Will has worked in agriculture, education, the law, business, research and the non-profit sector, experiences that took him for several years to places as far as Guatemala, Australia, South Korea and Ecuador. He has enjoyed settling back in his bustling hometown and applying his skills to help the local agricultural industry. His time managing silage harvest at Threemile Canyon Farms for Custom Feed Services in 2013 and 2014 revolved around coordinating a team of 40 operators to chop, haul and stack 300,000 tons of product at a 100 square-mile farm - work that provided valuable insight that reinforces the value of GIS in agricultural operations.


He leverages 11 years of GIS experience designing and building custom cloud-based management information systems, and advancing on-the-ground success from cutting-edge remote sensing technologies.

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Sarah Anderson, PhD
Geospatial Scientist

Originally from Minnesota, Sarah Anderson (Wandersee) earned her PhD in Geography in 2013 from San Diego State University and the University of California, Santa Barbara. With over 15 years of GIS experience, Sarah brings extensive spatial data analysis and collection expertise. Prior to working full-time with Anderson Geographics, she was an adjunct research professor with the University of Alaska Anchorage, where she applied her survey and statistical modeling experience. Sarah received a BA in Geography (focusing on the geographic techniques of GIS and remote sensing) and American Indian Studies in 2006 from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. After graduation, she worked in Southern California as a GIS Technician with the Native American Environmental Protection Coalition. She earned her MA in Environmental Security in Costa Rica.


Throughout her work and education, Sarah has developed and taught introductory and advanced geography courses, presented to a variety of audiences, facilitated training workshops, and written reports and successful grant proposals. She has experience with a range of spatial and statistical software, has designed and conducted GIS and remote sensing analysis, and has completed data collection and management. Her past mapping projects have included soil and land cover sampling, as well as mapping of water bodies, sensitive areas, vegetation, and trails.

Her 15 years of GIS experience have focused a specialization in GIS, remote sensing imagery processing and analysis, and custom scripting to support analysis and web-based information systems.


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