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Spray Prescriptions
pH on Imagery

Remote Sensing Spatial Analysis

Since 2014, Anderson Geographics LLC provides custom web GIS and related geospatial consulting services to the U.S. agricultural industry. Our clients include university and agency researchers, growers, dairies, forage processors and construction companies who leverage our systems to manage operations across more than 800,000 acres in 12 states. As geographers with over three decades of GIS and Remote Sensing experience, we specialize in integrating, visualizing and interrogating a range of geographic datasets for timely operational decisions. Our mission is to provide practical, customized communication tools and spatial analytics that improve our clients' adaptive capacity for sustainable agriculture.

Web-Based Operational Dashboards

Custom dashboards that combine real-time sensor feeds, soil samples, scouting & application reports, imagery, etc. Annually archived for later analysis. Can be standalone or integrated with your existing IT architecture.

Custom Web Maps/Apps

Mobile (iOS/Android) and browser maps for basic field navigation, scouting imagery, tracking labor, directing operations, etc. Online and offline.

Custom Reporting Apps

Custom offline iOS/Android reporting apps for scouting (GPS/photos), application reporting (automated REI/PHI, inventory), hand labor tracking, etc. Standalone or integrate with your existing IT architecture.

GIS/GPS-GNSS + Spatial Analysis
Spatial analysis and GIS/GNSS services for agronomic operations and research.


Source-Agnostic Crop Imagery Services
Guidance leveraging crop imagery from satellites, manned aircraft and UAVs for a range of applications, including prescriptions, silage moisture estimates, etc.

Prescription (Rx) Maps

Science-based prescription maps for automated spot-spraying, spreaders and hand labor. Guidance honing machine precision. Example here.

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